Land Rover Range Rover Sport

When choosing amongst a car that is not only spacious in its open space, but also a provider of comfort, comparatively fuel-efficient for its size, and a multitude of features/capabilities, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport at Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals is one of the most viable options of vehicles for attaining all of those characteristics in one.


The Sport Edition builds onto the Land Rover’s breadth of vast capabilities. It drives efficiently and effectively in the city or the most unexpectedly rough conditions of roads. The vehicle’s signature full-time four wheel drive system is integrated by intelligent technology. In addition to its untouchable durability, it offers a selectable high/low range within the four wheel drive system, as well as performance capabilities that are optimal for both on and off-road driving.
The Land Rover Range Rover Sport rental in Prestige Atlanta can certainly be considered as being one of the most agile and fastest of its kind ever made. The handling and terrain response are second to none when comparing to other large sized SUVs. Drive off in your Land Rover Range Rover HSE Sport rental when you arrive in the Atlanta Airport.