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With 5 Exotic Vehicles and a dream of providing Atlanta residents and visitors with an unforgettable experience,  Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals was founded in 2004. Offering top notch customer service matched with an impeccable fleet of the world’s most desired vehicles, Prestige quickly gained a reputation as the number one Luxury and Exotic Rentals provider in Georgia. With the assistance of their devoted clientele and the desire to serve other areas with their unique service, Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals has now expanded to other areas.


Franchised in 2008, Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals has placed it’s clients behind the wheel of their dream vehicles. Boasting a fleet of world renowned model vehicles such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Hummer, and Land Rover, Prestige Luxury Car Rentals Atlanta has quickly gained notoriety by Atlantians and visitors alike. Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals sets a standard, unparalleled to any other company in its industry, with am impressive fleet of the latest models and unsurpassed customer service. Whether renting the vehicle of your dreams or seeking the same comfort of home Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals not only provides a service but an experience.