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BMW M4 Convertible

BMW M4 Convertible

The BMW M4 Convertible is more than just a luxury car. It is just about the best technological marvel on the road today. Besides having all the style you would expect in a BMW convertible, this stylish roadster also has a plethora of applications and gadgets that feel like they are pulled straight out of the Jetsons. It is effectively a smart car that offers the best digital and electronic convenience for all of your driving wants and needs. When you rent a BMW M4 Convertible, you are getting an unparalleled technological experience.


  • 431 hp Six Cylinder Engine
  • 4.6 Second Sprint Time
  • Built-in GPS with Real Time Traffic
  • Real Time Speed Limit Monitoring
  • Front and Rear Camera Systems with Parking Assistance
  • Heads Up Display with Intelligent Driving Assistance

Fun and Practical

The biggest advantage of your BMW M4 Convertible Rental from Prestige Atlanta Luxury Car Rentals is that it is a convertible with practical technological features you usually only find in a sedan or SUV. With the roof down, you can enjoy a pleasant breeze while the car practically drives itself down I-85 when you go to visit the Atlanta Highway Seafood Market for some of the best cajun / creole cooking in Georgia. When you are driving your BMW M4 Convertible rental, the car is so smart, you are practically a passenger.